Welcome to PC Dom
We're hard at work here! Please excuse our dust, we're still building.
What can PC Dom do for you?
  • Does your computer do what you want it to do?

  • Need advice or training on your PC or computer accessories?

  • Inexplicable problems or faults causing you grief?

At PC Dom, we get your computer to fit in with you, not the other way around. Here are some of the many things we can do to make your life easier.


Home Office

Small Business

We can advise, install, troubleshoot and manage all aspects of computer and communications technology.
  • All Home services and...
  • Troubleshoot your PC problems to keep your business running smoothly
  • Set up your own Domain (www.mybusiness.com.au) for E-Mail or Website hosting
  • Protect you from Viruses & Spam & other security threats
  • Implement a data backup plan so you don't put your hard work at risk
  • Improve your Internet plan so you get the best deal and fastest speeds
  • Network your resources so you can share Internet, Printers & data with multiple computers
  • Advise you on reliable & cost effective PC equipment that will best suit your uses
  • All Home Office services and...
  • Recommend and install a server so that your data is collated in a central & secure point
  • Expand your network, add new computers, printers & services
  • Improve your security, limit who can access what data
  • Advise you on software & services that will improve your productivity & capabilities
  • Advise you on reliable & cost effective PC equipment that will best suit your uses
  • We come to you. We service all over Sydney.
  • No need to wait, 7 day service. In many cases we can fit you in the same day, and we're available on your time table.
  • We keep it simple & friendly. You speak English, we do too!
  • We take care of everything technical. So you don't have to.

For Advice and Technical Support, call us: 0413 776 844
(8:30am to 8:30pm, 7 Days)

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